What We Do

Monthly Membership Meetings
Meetings are held to conduct Club business each month except December. Frequently, the Club hosts guest speakers.  Click on Monthly Minutes for recent meeting details.

Monthly Newsletter
Members receive a monthly newsletter to further their understanding of fisheries management, water quality, and other natural resource topics and to keep members informed about Club activities.  Click on Newsletters to read some recent newsletters.

Fisheries Habitat Projects
The Club works to improve habitat in the Brule and its tributaries. In conjunction with the DNR, Club members and other volunteers have restored stream features to improve fish spawning, growing, and feeding. Click on Habitat Management Overview for more details.

Members meet on a Saturday in April to keep the Brule River and its surroundings clean and beautiful. Club members encourage everyone using the Brule to pick up any trash encountered along the river throughout the year. Remember to leave the area cleaner than you found it! Click on Cleanup History to read about the cleanup and on Spring Cleanup to see some photos from previous cleanups.

Club Scholarship

The Club awards 2 scholarships annually, depending on the availability of funds and qualified applicants. One scholarship is intended for regional upper class or graduate college students who are studying in a natural resources field. The other scholarship is intended for students interested in pursuing a natural resources career who are graduating from Northwestern High School. Click on About the Scholarships for more information.

Challenge Center Canoe Trip

Club members, in conjunction with the Brule River State Forest, take Challenge Center clients on an annual canoe trip. These outing have been held since 2003. The trip is one that Challenge Center clients look forward to, and it’s followed by a great picnic lunch. Click on Challenge Center for more information about the Challenge Center. To view a short video of the 2017 trip, click on Canoe Classic Trip.

Educational Efforts

Club members introduce families to outdoor activities and educate them about natural resources by assisting Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff, other nonprofit organizations, and citizen volunteers with a Family Fun Day. Click on Fun Day Photos to see pictures and a video from past events and on to learn more. Maintaining quality habitat with healthy populations of wild trout in free flowing rivers depends on a public that values natural resources, and Club members participate in other education programs to further this goal. The Club supports Aquarium Projects at 2 local schools click on Aquarium Project to learn more) and members make classroom presentations (with supporting material - click on Class Video) to help connect classroom experiences to actual habitat in the Brule River.


The Club advances policies to protect fish and wildlife habitat, promote public outdoor recreation access, and support shooting sports as a Wisconsin Wildlife Federation (WWF) affiliate. Club members serve on WWF committees, vote on issues, policies, and resolutions, and elect delegates, directors, and board officers. WWF represents our interests by working with the Wisconsin DNR, Natural Resources Board, Wisconsin State Legislature, Conservation Congress, U.S. Congress, and federal agencies. WWF is likewise an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. For more information, click on WWF. The Club helps promote protection of the Brule River, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources properties, and other natural resources in Douglas and Bayfield counties (click on Duluth News Tibune and South Shore Grade for an example). Club members also serve on planning committees, providing input to resource plans (click on Lake Superior Fisheries Management Plan as an example).