Brule East Fork

Eleven spawning sites were maintained in 2021 by adding 4 yards of ¾-inch to 1 ½-inch washed gravel, which had been stockpiled near the project 16 years ago when the spawning sites were first built by the DNR.

Maintenance was done on 4 spawning areas in 2015. Two of the 4 restored sites were so remote that the gravel had been originally placed at the mouth of the East Fork by Wisconsin National Guard helicopters in 1995. Since then, spawning trout and salmon had moved the gravel 10 – 20 feet downstream. This gravel was moved back upstream in small boats. Three of the 4 spawning sites also had been damaged by beaver activity, and that damaged was repaired. Additionally, bankside alder and willow was cut back to reinvigorate valuable bank vegetation.

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