Gravel Drops

Club members built rock wing deflectors to prepare Mott's Ravine Bend site for later spawning gravel delivery by Air National Guard. Club members also provided support for 3 local National Guard ground units (Ashland, Hayward, and Superior) and the Madison Air National Guard helicopter unit to deliver spawning gravel to very remote locations on the Upper Brule to create spawning habitat. Sites and amount of gravel delivered:

  • Three sites downstream of Hwy P on the West Fork for brook and brown trout, 14 yards
  • Forks of West and East branch for brown trout, 10 yards
  • Three sites upstream of Swamp Angel on mainstem for brown trout, 15 yards
  • Swamp Angel Creek for brook trout, 2 yards
  • Little Swamp Angel Creek for brook trout, 2 yards
  • Mott’s Ravine, 40 yards

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