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Where are They Now?

As Brule River Sportsmen’s Club board members, we sometime wonder how our past scholarship recipients are doing, especially considering the highly competitive natural resources job market. In 2014, we added a page to our website under the “Club Scholarship” tab called “Where Are They Now” to report on the lives and careers of past recipients as we hear from them. It’s great to “catch up” with past recipients and read how much they appreciate the support the Club was able to provide through our scholarships.  We recently received an update from our 2009 recipient, Jessica Brown! Click on Where Are They Now to read what Jessica  is doing and how she got there.

Jessica enjoying the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

So for all those past recipient out there, we’d love to hear from you and learn what you’re doing no matter where the winds of time and chance have taken you. If you know a past recipient that we haven’t heard from, ask them to get in touch with us! You can always contact us by clicking on Contact Us!