September 24th, 2018 Meeting

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors: Present – Ron Gaare, Bill Gobin, Paul Helbach, Courtney Johnson, Mick Killoren, Ron Pearson, Dennis Pratt, Dennis Smet, Jeff Stollenwerk, Walt Swanson, Jim Waletzko, and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the August Meeting: The minutes as written in the September newsletter were approved following a motion by Jim Waletzko, a second by Bill Gobin, and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin reported that there was one deposit of $337.00 in September into the general fund. The Club has 3 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Walt Swanson and a second by Mike Zicus. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported that September’s beginning balance was $15,535.42, and the ending balance was $9,935.53 with the following expenses: Arrowhead Printing (July Newsletter) ($182.44); Bill Gobin (Postage) ($4.45); Computing Done Right (Annual Web Service) ($267.00); Kendall Hill / U of M Duluth (Scholarship) ($5,000.00); Jeff Stollenwerk (Pd Joe Scaccia for August mtg) ($50.00). Outstanding Checks and Scheduled Payments: Katie Thompson (September Newsletter) ($200.00); Arrowhead Printing (August Newsletter) ($183.00); Joe Scaccia (September Meeting) ($50.00); WDNR South Shore Grade Project (4301.00).  The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin, a second by Jim Waletzko, and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Ron Gaare – Dennis Pratt posted a very nice video on Facebook that highlighted our summer projects.  The video link has also been posted on our web site.  The group started looking at next year’s projects, such as adding gravel to site number 4.  Two beavers were removed by a trapper at Wilson Creek, the rest of inspected sites were clear thus far.

Legislative: Ken Lundberg – no report.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach – good coverage in the evening telegram, and Mike Zicus wrote a piece for a future newsletter. It was mentioned that the Scholarship program has awarded $51,000.00 since its founding.

Education: Dennis Smet – Northwestern and Superior High Schools are interested in having the aquarium program again this year, Dennis Smet asked Dennis Pratt for his help with presentations again this year.

Membership: Jim Waletzko – nothing to report.

Budget: Ron Pearson – Ron reported that we are financially sound.  Ron also mentioned that Mike Zicus doesn’t get a stipend and asked if that position should receive an honorarium due to the amount of work required.  A motion by Bill Gobin was made that we support the work Mike does in the amount of $500.00 annually. Offering a stipend for the position may help recruit someone to fill the position if Mike steps down. This was approved following by a second by Jim Waletzko and unanimous approval by voice vote with Mike Zicus abstaining.

Social Media: Mike Zicus – Nothing to report, however he did get appreciative comments about how our site looks.  Dennis Pratt reported Facebook has five new items and that 1,418 followers have subscribed to our timeline. 

Other Business

Search for new Financial Secretary – Bill Gobin steps down in January, no one has come forward at this time.  Certain times of the year such as during membership renewal periods, the person would need to visit the Post Office each day.  Other times are much slower.

South Shore Grade – Nothing new to report, however a note was shared that because the grant didn’t come through, we are still $20,000-$25,000 short of the funds needed to support the project.  A fund-raising effort may need to take place.

Iron River Nat’l Fish Hatchery Event – Courtney Johnson shared that there were about 150 kids there visiting the hatchery when they first arrived.  We need to reconsider our participation in this event.  The hatchery people ask us to plan for hot dogs for about 200 people, but far fewer have attended the last 2 open houses, leaving us with leftover hot dogs. $107 was donated to the new High School Scholarship by people enjoying the hot dogs we served. This hatchery donates the eggs for the School aquariums.  Mike Zicus suggested to have Courtney Johnson to give left over food to troop 212 as we have done in the past, this was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin, a second by Jim Waletzko, and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Lake Superior Fish Mgt. Plan – Nothing new since July Draft Outline Comment Period ended.

Officers elections – Four Board seats are up for re-election.  Dennis Smet, Paul Helbach, and Mike Zicus are interested in continuing in their roles while Tom Bydalek has asked to step down. We will need to nominate candidate/candidates at our October meeting for the upcoming election to fill this seat.

Donation of a Brook Trout print, and a large map was suggested for the November 10th silent auction for the Brule Veterans Memorial, this was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin, a second by Ron Gaare, and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation – Annual renewal due at the cost of $125.00, this was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin, a second by Jeff Stollenwerk, and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Upcoming Events 

Great Waters Fly-fishing Expo – March 15th-17th, 2019 at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Recorded by Walt Swanson