November 26th, 2018 Minutes

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors: Present – Ron Gaare, Bill Gobin, Paul Helbach, Mick Killoren, Ken Lundberg, Ron Pearson, Dennis Pratt, Dennis Smet, Jeff Stollenwerk, Walt Swanson, Jim Waletzko, Dean Wellman and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the October Meeting: The minutes as written in the November newsletter were approved following a motion by Mike Zicus and a second by Dean Wellman and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin reported that there were 2 deposits for a total of $785.57 since October’s meeting into general fund. The Club had 2 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Walt Swanson and a second by Jim Waletzko. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported that November’s beginning balance was $10,213.90, and the ending balance was $10,431.76 with the following expenses: WI Wildlife Federation (2019 Membership) ($125.00); Joe Scaccia (October Meeting) ($50.00); Katie Thompson (October Newsletter) ($200.00); Arrowhead Printing (September Newsletter) ($182.53); Bill Gobin (postage) ($10.18). Outstanding Checks and Scheduled Payments: Katie Thompson (November Newsletter) ($200.00); Arrowhead Printing (October Newsletter) (~$183.00); Joe Scaccia (November Meeting) ($50.00); 2018 Officer Stipends (review/confirm) ($2,300.00).  A motion was made by Dean Wellman to increase Recording Secretary to $500.00 and a second by Bill Gobin. Bill Gobin requested his stipend go to the Northwestern High School Scholarship, Dennis Pratt, Ken Lundberg, and Mike Zicus requested their stipends go to the general scholarship fund. Jeff Stollenwerk requested that ½ of his stipend also go the scholarship fund. The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and a second by Ken Lundberg and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Ron Gaare – nothing to report. Courtney Johnson plus Sherri and Todd Carlson were recognized as committee members.

Legislative: Ken Lundberg – nothing to report. Dean Wellman to join this committee.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach – Sending out letters after the holidays to 11 or 12 institutions.  Breena Kroll, Northwestern High School Counselor, shared the selection criteria for the Northwestern High School Scholarship with Paul:

  • Recipients must be a graduating senior from Northwestern High School.
  • Qualifying students must be attending a post-secondary education or training through a technical college, university, college, or an apprenticeship.
  • Interest in Environmental Science and a desire to pursue a degree in an area similar
  • Preference given to a member of the Brule River Sportsmen’s Club
  • Preference to a student who has a desire to return to the area to work and give back

Dennis Smet, Bill Gobin, Mick Killoren and Adam Helbach are on the committee.  Mike Sierszen offered to join during the meeting, this was approved following a motion by Dean Wellman and a second by Ron Gaare and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Education: Dennis Smet – Picking up the eggs and starting this year’s project tomorrow.  The timing works out well for the schools as the hatching will take place just after the 1st of year.  Four teachers at Superior High School are now involved.  Dennis Pratt and Jim Waletzko are also on this committee.

Membership: Jim Waletzko – nothing to report.  Financial Secretary reported we have 398 members. Bill Gobin, Ken Lundberg, and Courtney Johnson make up the rest of the committee.

Budget: Ron Pearson – no report. An appreciation plaque for Ron Pearson’s years of service was displayed at the meeting, Mick Killoren will deliver the plaque to Ron.  Ron has been a Board Member since 1988 – 30 years and was our most senior Board Member.  Jeff Stollenwerk, Dean Wellman  and Ron Gaare are on this committee and a suggestion to include our next Financial Secretary was made. 

Social Media: Mike Zicus – major overhaul of the website. Outdated plugins were the primary reason. The entire process also increases the security of the site. Additional time was taken to clean up the contents of the site.  The Photo Galleries should be loading much faster now, and the site will be more responsive for mobile devices. Walt Swanson and Dennis Pratt round out the committee, a suggestion was made to invite our editor, Katie to be a part of the committee.  Dennis Pratt made a motion on setting deadlines for when mailings come out, minutes prepared, emailing newsletters. A discussion about making the full minutes available on the website and only including a subset in the newsletter took place, Dennis Pratt asked us to revisit this portion in January.  Ken Lundberg made a motion to have the Minutes to Katie by the end of the first week of the month with the hope that the newsletter would be sent out by the 15th, a second was given by Dean Wellman, followed by unanimous approval by voice vote.

Other Business

Financial Secretary duties/records – Bill received a plaque, a hand-made trout net and a very unique fishing pole for his service at the Club.  Bill reviewed his duties which include maintaining our membership lists and coordinating with Ken to ensure the newsletter email list is current. He also maintains our merchandise inventory and fills the merchandise orders. Bill also coordinates the annual elections. He will provide a detailed list of his duties and the way he handles them before he leaves.

New Financial Secretary – Dean Wellman has volunteered to take over this position.

South Shore Grade Update – Ken Lundberg informed us the Brule River Coalition had a meeting on the 19th, Paul Piszczek mentioned that the National Fish Passage Program under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative encouraged him to reapply for the grant. Paul is requesting $60K.  Land ownership still an issue. This just takes time.  Coalition approved a consultant for Paul Piszczek to keep the project going.  Ken Lundberg requested a list of donors Paul Piszczek.  Ken Lundberg to also invite Paul to our next meeting to give us an update.

Lake Superior Fish Mgt. Plan – No Progress

Upcoming Election – Walt Swanson sent the fillable PDF ballot to Ken Lundberg.  This, plus instructions on renewal using the web site and the list of accomplishments, could be sent to the members that get electronic newsletters.

Discarded Fishing Line – Ken Lundberg mentioned that Phil Brown was going to do a Discarded Line Collection Project Phil could use a donation for the PVC pipe to build the collection containers.  A donation up to $300 was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Bill Gobin and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Brule River Salmonid Regulations – Dean Wellman brought forward some changes he felt would make the regulations easier to understand for many anglers.  Dennis Pratt distributed the rules that need to be followed with laws and the regulations.  He explained all the processes that are involved.  Jim Waletzko offered his historical recount of getting changes through the process. We will place this item of potential regulation changes/improvements at our March meeting.

Website – Wendy to get a $200 bonus for her responsiveness during the Club Store development and her additional work on the website overhaul. Wendy addressed a couple of pressing issues with the Store while she was on vacation.  Approved following a motion by Mike Zicus and a second by Ken Lundberg and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Upcoming Events

January 28th meeting speaker – Senior Fisheries Biologist Paul Piszczek

Great Waters Fly-fishing Expo – March 15-17, 2019 at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM.

Recorded by Walt Swanson