President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors: Present – Ron Gaare, Courtney Johnson, Mick Killoren, Ken Lundberg, Dennis Pratt, Mike Sierszen, Dennis Smet, Jeff Stollenwerk, Walt Swanson, Dean Wellman and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the October Meeting: The minutes as written in the November newsletter were approved following a motion by Dean Wellman and a second by Courtney Johnson and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Financial Secretary Dean Wellman reported that there were four deposits for a total of $683.83 since our last meeting into general fund. The Club had 8 renewals. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Jeff Stollenwerk. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported that November’s beginning balance was $9,973.27, and the ending balance was $9,489.30 with the following expenses: The First Impression (Maps) ($517.80); MN Trout Unlimited (Great Waters Expo) ($350.00); Katie Thompson (November Newsletter) ($200.00); Transfer to HS Scholarship (Donation) ($100.00). The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Walt Swanson and a second by Mike Zicus and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Ron Gaare – On November 8th, Dennis Pratt flew his drone over the Beaupre Springs to check the area, no vegetation forming to speak of and better still no Beaver present.  Dennis Pratt and Dean Wellman paddled down from Stone’s Bridge on November 14th to assess the Stone’s Area habitat work. They thought it really looked to be worth it and reported plenty of redds.  Over the winter, the next year projects will be planned.

Legislative: Ken Lundberg – nothing to report.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach asked to be replaced as Scholarship chairman.  Mike Sierszen volunteered to take this role on.  Adding a scholarship application question(s) was again discussed.  For example; “If you are awarded this scholarship, what would you do to help the Brule River?” and “What are your personal experiences on the Brule River?”  Most of the discussion related to developing verbiage that doesn’t exclude some applicants.

Education: Dennis Smet – 500 eggs were delivered to Northwestern Middle School teacher Craig Anderson and 500 eggs to Superior High School teacher John Kedrowski.  Lori Danz has stepped away from her role this year; however, she will return next year and wants the program to continue.  Carey Edwards, Fish Biologist – US Fish and Wildlife Service, is taking eggs to Hayward and is looking for someone to present a student program.  Visits will happen around March and be attended by Dennis Smet, Dennis Pratt, and Courtney Johnson.

Membership: Jim Waletzko – The discussion of a possible ‘Life Membership’ category was tabled until January.  Dennis Pratt reported that we currently have over a hundred of unpaid members for 2019.

Budget: Nothing new until budget committee meets in March.

Social Media: Mike Zicus – Discussion on having a list of books to read on the history of the Brule area. Cordell Manz offered to put a list together for the Club.  Dennis Pratt added six new Brook Trout videos and reported over two thousand views.

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – Pratt reported that nothing will be done now until 2020.  James Yach, DNR Northern Region Director sent a certified letter to one of the adjoining landowners who claims to have some kind of easement. Dennis Pratt reported that the DNR has been unable to find any information regarding this easement.

Fly of the Month – Dean Wellman suggests that we begin this for the March opener (would place first fly in either the February or March newsletter).  He hopes to get flies contributed by area fly tiers, so the club hopefully has a dozen complete boxes by the end of the year.

Ballot/Membership Renewal Strategies – Ken Lundberg started the discussion by saying the electronic ballot will need go out in early December.  Dennis Pratt said the paper Ballot/Renewal Reminder forms went out last week as an insert with paper newsletters.  Ken Lundberg talked to the Constant Contact technicians on creating surveys to know who has paid and discovered that Club Elections could be run by a survey as well.  Walt Swanson will work with Ken Lundberg and Constant Contact technicians to get this done in early December.

Ski Club Request – Ski Club President Cordell Manz asked the Club for a donation to help with trail building and maintenance.  The Board is going to review this request at a future meeting.

Club Store Items – The photos that Dennis Pratt was passing around for print consideration have an aspect ratio that will not readily work as 8 x 10 prints.  The suggestion was made to consider making note cards of the.  The Board will discuss the Fly Box suggestion in January.  Dean Wellman suggested the Club sell the framed poster map for $100.00 as a Christmas special.  We will not ship these and would require the buyers make arrangements to pick them up.  This was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Ron Gaare and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Upcoming Events

Great Waters Fly-fishing Expo – March 20-22, 2020 at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:43 PM.

Speaker – Twelve Minute Brook Trout Spawning Video – Pratt (this was deferred until a future meeting)

Recorded by Walt Swanson