Brule River Brown Stone Nymph

Dean Wellman, BRSC Financial Secretary – Brule, WI.

The Brule River’s large brown stonefly (salmon fly) is a big insect! They are a steak dinner to the fish and are available to them all year with the primary mating time the first few weeks of June. Adults average 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inches in length. This is a good steelhead fly as the fish are accustomed to eating them. They are dominant in the early season on the Brule. There are many variations of this fly. I found that I do best with one that is unweighted and dead drifted with weight added to the line about 18 inches above the fly. This allows the fly to move with the currents more naturally. I don’t like to overdress the fly.


  1. Hook: Tiemco TMC 200R #4.
  2. Thread: Any 3/0 or 210 in brown, rusty brown, dark brown.
  3. Tails: Two brown, dark brown goose biots.
  4. Abdomen: Add brown nymph vinyl rib. Dub with Kaufmann’s Pattern SLF brown stonefly blend. Taper the body. Rib for segmentation.
  5. Make 3 thorax wing case pieces from wild turkey tail feathers. The darker mottled brown the better. Cut a “V” in each to simulate the naturals. I cement the underneath side of each with UV glue. ADD legs to each side between each wing case using same biot only larger pieces for legs. ADD dubbing building thorax. Repeat 3 times. The largest wing case will be first, then gradually smaller on the next two.
  6. Head: The head will form easily from the last wing case. I cover a little bit the hook eye as their heads are large. Optional: add antennae from the same biot, but use smaller pieces. Not sure if antennae make a difference to the fish. I usually do not add them.