March 27th, 2017 Minutes

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors: Present – Dennis Pratt, Ken Lundberg, Bill Gobin, Walt Swanson, Jeff Stollenwerk, Courtney Johnson, Mick Killoren, Mike Zicus, Dennis Smet, Jim Waletzko, Dean Wellman, Ron Pearson and Ron Gaare.

Minutes of the February 27 Meeting: The minutes as written in the March newsletter was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Bill Gobin and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Financial Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin reported that there were deposits of $1,974.00 in March into general fund. Of that, $1,350.00 were funds brought in from the Fly Expo, and $390.00 of that was in membership. This was approved following a motion by Dennis Smet and a second by Mike Zicus.

Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported that March’s beginning balance was $7,941.13, and the ending balance was $ 8,675.78 with the following expenses: Joe Scaccia (February Meeting) for $50.00; Charlie Bergsten (Large map framing) for $24.24; Arrowhead Printing (February Newsletter) for $259.99; The First Impression (Large Maps) for $379.00; Bill Gobin (Postage and Shipping) for $ 15.96; Arrowhead Printing (March Newsletter) for $260.16; Katie Thompson (March Newsletter) for $200.00; Joe Scaccia (March Meeting) for $50.00. This was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and a second by Ron Gaare.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Dennis Pratt –  Appreciation event will take place at the April meeting for the volunteers on habitat projects, 19 individuals helped in 2016. This was approved following a motion by Ron Pearson and a second by Mike Zicus.

Legislative: Ken Lundberg –Wisconsin Conservation Congress Spring Hearing on April 10th. South-Shore Grade Culvert removal, we need to get the word out to as many organizations as we can to get support.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach – no report. Application deadline is April 30th.

Education: Dennis Smet – Dennis Pratt and Dennis Smet visit to aquarium classrooms went very well, first time for both teachers.  Ron Gaare, who attended one of the events, said they did a wonderful job. The talk was better received at the Middle School level, than at the High School level. Ashland aquarium went to South Shore this year and next year it will go to Hayward.

Membership: Jim Waletzko reported that he went down to the lower river on opening weekend to visit fishermen, and took time to spread the word about the club. Bill Gobin said we are just over 500 Members.

Budget: Ron Pearson – Ron expressed thanks to Jeff Stollenwerk and Bill Gobin for all the work they do.  Scholarship Fund is declining and in the future, the Club may be forced to pull from CD.  Jeff Stollenwerk mentioned Scholarship Fund has been able to award scholarships for 5 or 6 years using our match to the anonymous donation we received in 2010.  Ron also expressed thanks to Ken Lundberg and Mike Zicus for the work on the Newsletter.  Ron also expressed that the Recording Secretary should get more than $75.00, and Dennis Pratt agreed that the amount should be higher.  The suggestion was to increase this to $250.00. This was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and a second by Ron Gaare.

Web Page: Mike Zicus – The idea of a Brule River Sportsmen’s Club Facebook page was introduced and all favored this. Dennis Pratt will get one started as soon as possible.

Other Business

Spring Clean-up – Dennis Smet – The date is set for April 22nd, April 29th is the backup date.  Ken Lundberg will talk to Boy Scouts.  Club Scouts have been contacted and are coming.  Courtney Johnson will be bringing donuts for the event.

South-Shore Grade on Nebagamon Creek Issue – Ken Lundberg will continue to reach out to Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Brule River Preservation, and the Douglas County Fish and Game League for support.

Email of newsletter to Members: Ken Lundberg, we have a contract with Constant Contact, May is the target date to go live.  May and June will also have a hard copy.  The electronic Newsletter will have easy links to the web site.  Paper copies to be provided to members who wish them at an additional cost. A hard copy summary could be available at the end of the year.  Some folks haven’t renewed since 2012 and 2013 will be cut off.  Think about articles to be in the Newsletters.

2017 Expo Recap: Ken Lundberg said the large frame map and the loop of videos going were the big draws for the crowd.  Dean Wellman, Courtney Johnson and Ken Lundberg were manning the booth.  Dennis Pratt thanked the guys.

Brule Coalition meeting planning is on-going (Tentative date – June 29th, Nebagamon Town Hall)

Brule Forest Master Plan – the land management reclassification has been finalized.

Old US Highway 2 Bridge Erosion Plans – Myron Olson to discuss at next month’s meeting.

Newsletter Items –  Dennis Pratt ideas for articles: ‘Restoration of Joe Lucius Canoe’; ‘History of the Brule’; ‘Old-Time Families on the Brule’.

Upcoming Events

 Brule Hatchery Family Fun Day – June 3rd (10 AM to 3 PM)

The business meeting adjourned at 7:04 PM.

Speakers – Paul Piszczek -WDNR Senior Fisheries Biologist, Aaron Nelson – Fisheries Technician and Terry Margenau – Lake Superior Basin Supervisor gave an excellent presentation updating the meeting attendees.

Recorded by Walt Swanson