President Dennis Pratt emailed the draft meeting notes to board members on June 23rd.

Minutes of the May Meeting: Motion was made to approve by Jeff Stollenwerk, seconded by Mike Sierszen and approved by the board.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Dean Wellman submitted the report to the board by email on June 23rd. Deposits in the general fund totaled $585.00 since the last meeting, and the Club had 2 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Jeff Stollenwerk with a second by Mike Sierszen and majority approval by the board. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported to the board by email on June 23rd that June’s beginning balance was $15,516.45 and the ending balance is $15,997.67 with the following expenses: Pro Print (May Newsletter – $25.13) and Katie Thompson (June Newsletter – $200.00). The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Mike Zicus with a second by Ken Lundberg and majority approval by the board.

Committee Report

Habitat: This year’s volunteer habitat improvement workdays have been cancelled due to the recent worsening of the Covid-19 outbreak in the northern three WI counties. Beavers returned to the Beaupre Spring pond in early June. Three were removed by our Federal APHIS trapper, Jerry Johnson, and the dam was removed in early July. We continue monitoring Beaupre monthly for any further beaver activity.

Legislative: Nothing to report.

Scholarship: College Scholarship – Chairman Mike Sierszen reported that the scholarship committee met on June 22nd to review this year’s 27 applications. After deliberation, the committee nominated Dakota Stankowski. Dakota will be a senior at Northland College in Ashland and is pursuing a double major in Biology and Natural Resources with a Fisheries and Ecology emphasis. Dakota’s nomination was forwarded to the board for a vote and, after a motion by Jeff Stollenwerk with a second by Ron Gaare, she received majority board approval. Thanks to all the scholarship committee members (Mike Sierszen, Paul Helbach, Dennis Smet, Mick Killoren, Adam Helbach and Bill Gobin).

High School Scholarship – Ron Gaare reports that this year’s Northwestern High School scholarship recipient, selected by Northwestern High School faculty, is Andrew Nelson. Andrew will be attending UMD this fall pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. Andrew hopes to focus on environmental issues once he graduates. Andrew was highly active in FFA where he competed in national competitions. He is an active member of the trap club and a passionate outdoorsman. It was his passion for environmental stewardship that seems to have been the deciding factor for the committee’s selection decision.

We will have more about each recipient in the August newsletter and have requested that each attend a future meeting.

Education: Nothing to report.

Membership: Jim Waletzko requested a detailed membership report. Jim’s concern regards both the Club’s declining membership and the high percentage with unpaid dues. The membership committee will investigate this issue and report to the board before our November membership drive.

Budget: Nothing to report.

Social Media: Website – Mike Zicus has been responding to several website inquiries, including a request to post a gun safety link.

Facebook – Pratt reported that we have put a few items on the Club’s Facebook site this month including a copy of the steelhead article featured in last month’s newsletter (by request of a long standing member who wanted to share the information on his Facebook page) which reached 2,800 by the end of the month.

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – WDNR Senior Fisheries Biologist, Paul Piszczek, informs us that he has received signed easements from the two landowners adjacent to the grade and is now working on the Canadian Pacific (CP) railroad easement. Project bidding will take place once the CP easement is received.

Fly of the Month – The July fly of the month, the ‘Para Hex Drake’ was submitted by John Fehnel of the Great Lakes Fly Shop in Duluth.

Update Club Charter – Ken Lundberg sent the board suggestions that he and Club member Tom Sklebar have for the update. He suggested that we place this as a work item on the agenda for the next in-person meeting we hold.

In-person Board Meeting Cancellations – Both the July and August board meetings will be held by email due to the recent worsening of the Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota Covid – 19.