Habitat Projects

This year’s habitat work days are scheduled for August 18th and 25th. For the past few years, we’ve been working on the tributaries. This year, we’re returning to the Brule main-stem where we’ll restore the trout spawning areas that the DNR/BRSC initially built in 1990s downstream of Stone’s Bridge Canoe Landing. That work involved rebuilding rock wings initially placed there by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the late 1930s to confine flow for easier canoe passage with the hope that it would also improve trout habitat. DNR/BRSC added washed gravel to each of the structures to provide spawning sites. See photos of that work by clicking on Stones Bridge Project.

The gravel placed in the rock wing narrows have been used extensively by trout and salmon annually. Each time a trout or salmon digs a nest to lay her eggs, she moves some gravel slightly downstream. So, about every four or five years DNR fisheries staff would manually move the gravel back upstream to its original position. The time has come to repeat this task.

On both Saturday’s, volunteers are asked to meet at the Stone’s Bridge Canoe landing on County Highway S at 9 AM. Volunteers will need waders and gloves. Bring a shovel if you have one with a strong handle. The club will provide water. Work will extend from about 9 to Noon where the club will provide a ‘Sloppy Joe’ lunch. It’s great fun, hope to see you there! You can see a short drone video of the project site by clicking on https://vimeo.com/269263267