February 28th, 2022 Electronic Meeting

Dennis Pratt emailed the meeting agenda background information to board members on February 25th.

Minutes of the January Meeting:  The January meeting minutes were majority approved after a motion by Jeff Stollenwerk and a second by Ken Lundberg.

February Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: The Financial (Dennis Pratt for Dean Wellman) and Treasurer (Jeff Stollenwerk) reports were emailed along with the meeting agenda.  Dennis Pratt reported that $1,410.00 was deposited in the general fund since the last meeting, and the Club had 8 new members. The Club sold 13 lower river maps, 11 upper river maps and 1 hat. Donations to the various funds: General – $55.00, Education – $15.00, College Scholarship – $115.00, High School Scholarship – $10.00 and Habitat – $205.00. Jeff reported that February’s beginning balance was $30,944.55 and the ending balance was $31,229.61. He reported the following expenses: ProPrint (January newsletter) – $25.13, Katie Thompson (February newsletter) – $200.00, U.S Post Office (Box rental) – $130.00, ProPrint (February newsletter) – $44.65, MN Trout Unlimited (Expo booth balance) – $175.00, Ken Lundberg (Ron Pearson Funeral Flowers) – $127.32. Also, Jeff reported that $1,200.00 in donations were transferred to Savings. Both reports were majority approved without changes following a motion from Ken Lundberg and a second by Ed Chaplinski.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Dennis Pratt emailed Paul Piszczek requesting a tree planting project at Beaupre Springs. Paul referred the idea to Brule River State Forest staff.

Budget: Jeff Stollenwerk reported that the committee will hold a conference call and then report on the budget at the March meeting.

Legislative: Nothing to report.

Education: Dennis Smet contacted both schools with trout aquariums and set up presentation dates by Club members (Superior High School – March 8th; Northwestern Middle School – March 28th and 29th).

Scholarship: Mike Sierszen reported that both Adam Helbach and Paul Helbach stepped down from the Scholarship Committee. Mike nominated Jim Waletzko, Ken Zivic, and Ed Chaplinski as new committee members. All three of Mike’s nominations were approved by a majority board vote.

Membership: Dennis Pratt reported that the February membership renewal and new member drives were successful. To date, we have 216 paid memberships. We request anyone who has not paid their dues yet to please do so soon.

Social Media: Web Site: Mike Zicus posted the Lower Brule Creel Report and Douglas County’s call for volunteers to help remove invasive species. Newsletter: Dennis Pratt made a motion to increase the number of pages of our newsletter from four to six when needed at an additional printing cost of $19.52 per month. After a second by Jeff Stollenwerk the motion was approved by majority vote. A memorial to long time board member, Ron Pearson, will be featured in our March newsletter. The March fly of the month will be the ‘Black Leather Stonefly’ by Dean Wellman.

Other Business

Audit – Jeff Stollenwerk reports that Knute Pedersen has volunteered to help us review our bookkeeping procedures. The committee will begin work on this after the busy tax season.

March and April Meetings – Our next two meetings will be held at the Brule Town Hall.

Spring Cleanup Dates – The Club will hold its annual spring cleanup on April 30th with a backup of date of May 21st in case of inclement weather.

South Shore Grade Update – We’ll place a short update article in the March newsletter on this.

Private Property Awareness Issue – Nothing new to report.

2022 Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo (March 18-20th) – Ken Lundberg is in dire need of 3 more volunteers to work in the booth. We’ve emailed a callout to our membership for booth volunteers and posted the request on the website.

LSRI Temperature and Sediment Sampling project – Amy Eliot and Mikayla Haynes will be presenting this after our March in-person business meeting.

Club constitution/bylaws revisions – We will continue to work on this task and present a final version for discussion at our March meeting.

Reel Recovery Program – Ken Zivic will present this potential project idea at our March meeting. Background information provided by Ken was included with the meeting agenda.

2022 Family Fun Day – The various Douglas County Sporting clubs are hoping to hold the event again this year. Tentative dates are August 20th or August 27th