February 22nd, 2021 Electronic Meeting

President Dennis Pratt emailed draft January meeting notes to board members on February 22nd.

Minutes of the January Meeting: January meeting minutes received unanimous board approval in early February after a motion by Mike Zicus and a second by Ken Zivic.

February Treasurer and Financial Secretary Reports: Both Dean Wellman’s financial report and Jeff Stollenwerk’s treasurer report were emailed to the board on February 22nd. Dean reports that deposits in the general fund totaled $895.00 since the last meeting, and the Club had 4 new members. The Club sold 3 lower river maps, 3 upper river maps and 2 hats. Dean reports the following donations to the various funds: General – $90.00, Education – $25.00, College Scholarship – $295.00 and High School Scholarship – $120.00. Jeff reported that January’s beginning balance was $21,167.32 and the ending balance was $21,727.19. He reported the following expenses: Pro Print (January newsletter) – $25.13, Katie Thompson (January newsletter) – $200.00 and WI Wildlife Federation (Annual Dues) – $110.00.  Both reports were approved by a unanimous board vote without changes following a motion from Mick Killoren and a second by Jim Waletzko.

Committee Reports

Habitat, Education and Legislative Committees: Nothing to report from these committees.

Scholarship: Chairman Mike Sierszen reports that letters announcing the 2021 College Scholarship were sent out to various colleges on February 28th. We will announce notification of this year’s College Scholarship in the March newsletter with applications being due by the end of April.

Membership: We are including individual notices to paper newsletter recipients who have yet to pay their 2021 dues. We will be sending out individual renewal reminders through Constant Contact in Mid-March to those e-newsletter recipients behind with their dues.

Social Media: Web Site: Mike Zicus reports that he transitioned the website content to 2021 and began posting new calendar items.  New postings include the smelt consumption advisory and new BRSF acquisition items in the monthly news categories. Also updated the poster price in the Club Store and on the pdf membership/order form we have online. One scholarship inquiry to the website was forwarded to Mike Sierszen.  Face Book: Two items added since last month.

Budget: The budget committee will be meeting sometime in March to audit the Club’s finances and they will report to the Board sometime thereafter.

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – Nothing new to report

Private Property Awareness Issue – An article was drafted by Mike Zicus and will appear in the March newsletter.

Fly of the Month for March – Dean Wellman is submitting the ‘Sucker Spawn Fly’ for the March newsletter.

Spring Clean-up – This year’s Spring Clean-up will take place on April 24th (rain date May 8th). We will meet at 9AM at the pavilion for area assignments and we are planning on providing a pizza lunch in the pavilion when clean-up volunteers return at noon.

2021 Raffle – Two items have been donated for raffle, a high-quality handmade bamboo fly rod constructed by Dave Norling (see https://davenorling.com/) and a framed print from the ‘Brule River Rats’. Discussion is on-going regarding this raffle.

New Poster Price -The board voted to increase the poster price to $35 to better cover the increased cost of printing/mailing.