Club Accomplishments

2018 BRSC Accomplishments

We much appreciate your continued membership and monetary support.  We promise to use club funds as efficiently as possible.

Here’s how your Club dues and donations were used to improve the Brule River and Lake Superior environments this year.

  • Our club entered its 55th year (officially chartered in 1968) dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the river and its environments.
  • Kept members up to date with 11 quality newsletters and a website which includes a Club calendar and work items. Began delivering newsletters electronically if preferred by members. Digital newsletters are in high-resolution color and at times contain additional pages.
  • Continued a Club Facebook page that is now being followed by over 1500. Click on: Brule River Sportsmens Club Facebook.
  • Advocated successfully at many public meetings including the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, Wisconsin DNR’s redo of the Lake Superior Fishery Management Plan and through our ongoing membership with the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.
  • Held the 47th annual spring clean-up on April 28th where 43 volunteers plus the Cub Scouts removed trash from all accesses and campgrounds and the Boy Scouts floated the river cleaning trash.
  • Conducted the 16th annual Challenge Center Canoe Trip in August providing 9 Challenge Center clients with lunch and an exciting guided canoe trip from Wildcat Lodge to the Bois Brule Canoe Landing in canoes provided by the Brule River State Forest.
  • Held 11 monthly general membership meetings with a variety of speakers, including informative presentations by Conservation Wardens Adam Stennett and Phillip Brown, and State Park representative Kevin Feind and State Forest supervisor Dan Kephart.
  • Supported the 17th year of the ‘Trout in the Classroom’ project where Club purchased aquariums were again used to study the early life history of trout (egg to fry stage) in 3 schools (Superior, Northwestern and Hayward). Club members gave presentations at Superior and Northwestern schools to a total of over 200 students in eleven classes.
  • Spent two Saturday mornings enhancing trout habitat. This year’s work involved restoring the spawning beds at three sites downstream of Stone’s Bridge.  This was our 25th year of trout habitat improvement projects. Videos of the events can be found on our habitat webpage. (An early November visit to one of the project sites revealed our work was paying great dividends as the site already had twenty trout redds on it.)
  • Presented Kendall Hill with a $5,000 scholarship to further his civil engineering education at the University of Minnesota – Duluth campus. Kendall hopes to eventually use his degree to improve trout passage and abate erosion at road crossing somewhere in the region. This was the 20th year of the scholarship program. This year we began raising funds for an annual Northwestern High School $500 scholarship.
  • Club participated in Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in the Twin Cities in March.
  • Initiated an on-line club store where club members could electronically renew their membership, donate to the club’s various funds and purchase store items.
  • Worked with the Wisconsin DNR and other non-governmental organizations to raise funds to remove the South Shore Grade on Nebagamon Creek. Click on: South Shore Grade.