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January 2020

Holiday Special!

Just in time for Christmas, the Club is offering a framed version of our Lower River Map Poster for $100 (while the supply lasts). The framed poster is 28” x 40” x 0.75” (has 0.25” plywood back). The frame is Douglas fir barn wood and the front is Plexiglas. We can’t ship the framed poster,…

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Time to Vote for Club Officers

This year’s ballot includes voting for all 5 club officer positions. All who receive newsletters electronically will receive ballots by email this year in early December (the voting deadline will be January 27th). Those receiving paper newsletters by mail will receive a ballot included with the newsletter that must be mailed or reach our club’s…

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Where are They Now?

As Brule River Sportsmen’s Club board members, we sometime wonder how our past scholarship recipients are doing, especially considering the highly competitive natural resources job market. In 2014, we added a page to our website under the “Club Scholarship” tab called “Where Are They Now” to report on the lives and careers of past recipients…

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South Shore Railroad Grade Update

August 1, 2019 Update Ownership issue being resolved – The Canadian National Railroad has taken ownership responsibility for the grade. Brule River Preservation Inc. (to learn more about Brule River Preservation, click on Brule Preservation) has been doing a great deal of the work during this last month and is working with their lawyers to help…

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