August 27th, 2018 Meeting

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors: Present – Ron Gaare, Courtney Johnson, Mick Killoren, Ken Lundberg, Dennis Pratt, Dennis Smet, Jeff Stollenwerk, Walt Swanson, Jim Waletzko, Dean Wellman and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the July Meeting: The minutes as written in the August newsletter were approved following a motion by Sherrie Carlson and a second by Ron Gaare and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin was not present. Jeff Stollenwerk reported in his absence that there were two deposits for a total of $4,632.00 in August into general fund. The Club had 3 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Jim Waletzko and a second by Courtney Johnson. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported that August’s beginning balance was $40,741.43, and the ending balance was $15,535.42 with the following expenses: Arrowhead Printing (June Newsletter) ($183.01); Joe Scaccia (June & July Meetings) ($100.00); Computing Done Right ($355.00); Katie Thompson (August Newsletter) ($200.00); WDNR South Shore Grade Project ($29,000.00). Outstanding Checks and Scheduled Payments: Kendall Hill / U of M Duluth ($5,000.00). Dennis Pratt suggested that we cut the second DNR check and send it now. This was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Dean Wellman and unanimous approval by voice vote.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Dennis Smet and a second by Jim Waletzko and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Committee Reports

 Habitat: Ron Gaare – Todd and Sherrie Carlson are new Habitat committee members. They were onsite for both project weekends.  Todd says the beds are a 100 percent better.  The Gravel was moved back up to the throat of the wing dams.  Dennis reminded us that after the original project years ago the DNR added larger gravel later to make sure the size of the gravel was proper for the fish species using the spawning beds.  This completes all 2018 projects.  West Fork had a beaver problem again and three structures were created.  They have been removed.  Spawning bed number 4 was discussed for next year’s project and that project may require gravel to be brought in to complete.

Legislative: Ken Lundberg – Ken Lundberg after a conversation with Paul Piszczek suggested that only one source should be contacting legislators to get funds for the South Shore grade removal to avoid confusion.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach – Dennis Pratt reported for Paul, Kendall has the check; however, it was not process by the bank at the time of the meeting.  Best wishes from the Club to Kendall.  An article on the scholarship program is planned for the November newsletter.

Education: Dennis Smet – School starts next week. Both teachers have expressed interested again in the aquariums.

Membership: Jim Waletzko – Jim asked the question how the move to online membership was affecting the club numbers.  New member Al Montgomery attended the club meeting at the invitation of Courtney Johnson.

Budget: Ron Pearson – no report.

Social Media: Mike Zicus -nothing to report. The suggestion was made that the Club give a gift to Wendy for all her work on our web site.  Mike mentioned her quick response to inquiries and issues during the redesign process.  This was approved following a motion by Mike Zicus and a second by Dean Wellman and unanimous approval by voice vote.  Dennis Pratt posted items related to the weekend projects to Facebook.

 Other Business

Search for new Financial Secretary – Gobin steps down in January, critical issue for the club.  The Club is looking for individual that can get to Post Office and local bank on a regular schedule.

Challenge Center Canoe Trip – Dennis Smet reported for Ron. The trip went very well for the 9 clients. Only one canoe tipped which was Dennis Smet himself.  Appreciation for Bob Banks who provided access at Wildcat.  Dennis Smet thanked everyone that volunteered.

South Shore Grade Update – Ken Lundberg met with the group in Dennis Pratt’s absence.  Land title ownership is still the issue. Paul Piszczek wrote an article for the newsletter.  The project will be postponed until next year.

Iron River Nat’l Fish Hatchery Event request – Ken Lundberg reminded us that the Iron River Nat’l Fish Hatchery holds an open house every other year.  In the past, we have brought 200 hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips etc.  We typically almost break even.  Participating again this year was approved following a motion by Dean Wellman and a second by Mike Zicus and unanimous approval by voice vote.  The suggestion of putting the Northwestern High School Scholarship on the can was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Ron Gaare and unanimous approval by voice vote.  Ken Lundberg has the banner and donation can.  Make sure we have people, Courtney Johnson, Mike Zicus, Dean Wellman, others were looking at the calendar.  Ken Lundberg is the contact.

Great Waters Fly-fishing Expo – a motion to approve funding to attend this event was made by Dean Wellman and a second by Todd Carlson and unanimous approval by voice vote.

Lake Superior Fish Mgt. Plan – Nothing new to report.

Upcoming Events

Great Waters Fly-fishing Expo – March 15 -17 2019, at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Recorded by Walt Swanson