President Dennis Pratt emailed the draft meeting notes to board members on August 23rd.

Minutes of the July Meeting: Motion was made to approve by Paul Helbach, seconded by Jeff Stollenwerk and approved by majority vote.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Financial Secretary Dean Wellman submitted his report to the board on August 23rd. Deposits in the general fund totaled $200.00 since the last meeting, and the Club had 3 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved without changes by the board following a motion from Paul Helbach and a second by Jeff Stollenwerk. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported to the board on August 22nd that August’s beginning balance was $15,711.26 and the ending balance is $16,516.43 with the following expenses: Pro Print (July Newsletter – $25.13), Dennis Pratt (Postage/Shipping – $172.65) and Northland College/Dakota Stankowski (College Scholarship – $5,000.00). The Treasurer’s Report was approved without changes by the board following a motion by Ron Gaare with a second by Paul Helbach.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Pratt visited our Beaupre habitat project site and found it free of beaver.

Legislative, Membership and Budget: Nothing new to report from these committees.

Scholarship: College Scholarship – Chairman Mike Sierszen reported that we’ve received a photo and biography from Dakota Stankowski, our college scholarship recipient that will be published in the next newsletter. Ron Gaare collected similar information from our Northwestern High School scholarship recipient, Andrew Nelson, to also be published in the newsletter.

Education: Dennis Smet reports that it is unlikely that we will be able to conduct our aquarium projects this year as the schools are not allowing visitors/guest speakers due to Covid-19.

Social Media: Website – Mike Zicus has been responding to a number of website inquiries.

Facebook – Pratt reported that we have placed 2 items on the Club’s Facebook site this month including a popular drone photo of the mouth of the Brule.

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – Nothing new to report

Fly of the Month – Dean Wellman reports that the September fly of the month will be Warner’s “Big White” Streamer, a steelhead fly. Our October fly will be a fly submitted by Club member Rick Goddard called Hanks Creation. That newsletter will also present the very unique history of that fly as the feature article.