President Dennis Pratt emailed the draft meeting notes to board members on April 28th.

Minutes of the March Meeting: Motion was made to approve by Mike Sierszen, seconded by Jeff Stollenwerk and approved by board majority.

Treasurer’s and Financial Secretary’s Reports: Dennis Pratt submitted the report to the board by email on April 27th.   There were three deposits for a total of $895.05 since the last meeting into the general fund, and the Club had 4 new members. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Mike Zicus with a second by Mike Sierszen and approved by board majority. Treasurer Jeff Stollenwerk reported to the board by email on April 27th that April ’s beginning balance was $12,785.51, and the ending balance was $14,126.44 with the following expenses: Pro Print (March Newsletter) ($25.13) and Katie Thompson (April Newsletter) ($200.00). The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Mike Zicus with a second by Jim Waletzko and approval by board majority.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Ron Gaare – July 25th and August 1st remain the tentative habitat dates.  The planned project is to add 15 yards of ¾ to 1 and ½ inch washed gravel to the two wings a short distance upstream of Stone’s Bridge. With the May in-person board meeting being cancelled, we will need to choose a different date for the habitat appreciation celebration (hopefully at our June meeting).

Legislative: The Annual Spring Fish and Wildlife Public Hearing and Wisconsin Conservation Congress county voting was held entirely online this year. There were over 60,000 participants.  As of April 30th, the results had yet to be posted on the DNR website.

Scholarship: Mike Sierszen reported on April 30th that 27 scholarship applications had been received. All applications will be distributed to the Scholarship Committee.

Education: Nothing to report.

Membership: Pratt reported that we now have 218 paid memberships with 161 still in arrears.

Budget: Nothing to report.

Social Media: Mike Zicus reported that their work group has updated the website’s ‘What We Do’ page and the South Shore grade posting. Pratt reported that we have placed a half dozen posts on Facebook since our last meeting and our page is now being followed by 2,200. The April newsletter contained two wonderful articles submitted by Mike Zicus and Ken Lundberg. Thanks to both of you!

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – Pratt reported that the project is still moving along. DNR staff are completing the temporary limited easements with the two property owners abutting the rail grade. The Covid-19 issue has been slowing the legal process somewhat. Paul Piszczek and the DNR Real Estate personnel are working diligently on the issue.  Brule River Preservation Inc. continues to assist the Town of Brule who are working on the process of obtaining ownership of the grade from the railroad once the two abutting landowners have finalized their legal permission.

Fly of the Month – The ‘Partridge and Orange’ for the May newsletter was submitted by Phil Johnson of the Superior Fly Angler shop.

Update Club Charter – Nothing to report.