April 26th, 2021 Electronic Meeting

President Dennis Pratt emailed draft April meeting notes to board members on April 26th.

Minutes of the March Meeting: March meeting minutes received unanimous board approval in early April after a motion by Ken Zivic and a second by Ken Lundberg.

April Treasurer and Financial Secretary Reports: Both Dean Wellman’s financial report and Jeff Stollenwerk’s treasurer reports were emailed to the board on April 26th. Dean reports that deposits in the general fund totaled $1,391.00 since the last meeting, and the Club had 6 new members. The Club sold 83 lower river maps, 2 posters, 2 framed posters, 2 hats and 45 upper river maps. Dean also reported that there was one donation of $200.00 to the College Fund. Dean’s report received unanimous board approval following a motion by Jeff Stollenwerk and a second by Glen Hill.  Jeff reported that April’s beginning balance was $22,497.06 and the ending balance was $23,878.14. He reported the following expenses: Pro Print (April and March newsletters) – $50.26, Katie Thompson (April and March newsletters) – $400.00, Pratt (postage and shipping) – $202.61, WI Div. of Gambling (Raffle license) – $25.50 and two transfers to Scholarship Savings totaling $4,531.48. Jeff’s report was approved by a unanimous board vote without changes following a motion from Dean Wellman and a second by Glen Hill.

Committee Reports

Education and Legislative Committees: Nothing to report from these committees.

Habitat: The committee will develop this summer’s habitat project soon and present the plans at an upcoming meeting. Pratt flew his drone over the entire Beaupre Springs area on April 17th and did not observe any beaver activity.

Scholarship: Applications are due by April 30th. The committee will communicate with each other and nominate this year’s College scholarship recipient. They will submit their recommendation for Club approval at the May board meeting.

Membership: Pratt will contact those members who have not paid their dues yet, by either emailing directly (paper recipients) or through Constant Contact in May.

Social Media: Web Site: Mike Zicus reports a few monthly updates, and 3 or 4 inquires/contacts were made. May Newsletter: Pratt will submit an article to Katie about this year’s Spring Cleanup. Mike Sierszen wrote a paragraph highlighting 2 of John Lyons articles that were recently posted to our web site. Facebook: Pratt made 5 postings since our last meeting, which reached a total of just under 20,000 people.

Budget: Nothing to report.

Other Business

South Shore Grade Update – Nothing new to report

Private Property Awareness Issue – This item will be discussed in detail at the May meeting.

Fly of the Month for May – Dean is presenting the ‘Stimulator Stonefly’.

Spring Clean-up – This year’s Spring Clean-up will take place on April 24th (rain date May 8th). We will meet at 9AM at the pavilion for area assignments and we are planning on providing a pizza lunch when clean-up volunteers return at noon.

2021 Raffle – Jeff has applied for the raffle license and Mike S. will have raffle tickets printed once the Norling rod is in hand. Damian Wilmot has informed us that the framed print is ready, and he will get it to us when needed.

May In-Person Meeting – We will resume holding our meetings in-person beginning on May 24th.

Framed Photo Thanks –Ron Gaare was recently presented the gift (framed Brook trout photo) that our board approved a couple of months ago for his 18 years of Treasurer/director service. He was very appreciative.

Line Collection Stations Project –Warden Phil Brown has requested funds to build 2 fishing line recycling stations (mainly as a test). A motion was made by Pratt and seconded by Dean to fund up to $100 for materials for this project. The motion received unanimous board approval. Phil is planning to attend the May meeting to explain the details.