2019 Habitat Projects Completed

Twenty-three volunteers spent 2 Saturday mornings restoring 2 more of the spawning areas downstream of the Stone’s Bridge Canoe Landing.  This year’s work involved transporting nearly 19 tons of washed gravel from the landing to those sites. The gravel was shoveled into wheelbarrows and then off loaded into small dingy type boats which were then towed by canoe to the spawning areas. The furthest site was 0.7 miles from the landing while the other was a short distance downstream of the landing. Gravel was then spilled from the boats in the upper ends of the rock wing throats to restore spawning habitat. This year’s project was largely funded by a memorial to Ed Saindon by his family.

Click on Stones Bridge to view a video of the project provided by Seaquest Photography of Duluth, Minnesota.

Click for Stones Bridge gallery for a series of photos of the project beginning with the reconstruction of the stone wing dams

Moving gravel to boats. Courtesy of Seaquest Photography.