We’re Going Digital!

You’ll be receiving your newsletters electronically beginning with the May issue if we have your email address. The board of directors decided last year to transition to a digital newsletter primarily because of the rising cost of printing and mailing the newsletter. Our projections indicated that we would have needed to raise the Club dues substantially if we continued to produce paper newsletters.  Many other clubs and nonprofit organizations have faced similar realities.

You will also receive your old paper copy for a while until we’ve made the transition. We’ve recognized that change can be difficult and decided to continue to provide paper copies of the newsletter to members who wish to receive it in the mail after the transition; however, we will need to increase the dues for these members to cover the printing and mailing cost as well as the “economy of scale” that will be lost once we start sending most newsletters electronically.

There will be other benefits to keeping our membership informed electronically.  The amount of content that we’ve been able to put in the newsletter has been limited by our present 4-page format.  In the future, we won’t be restricted to 4 pages and it will be easier for us to provide more content.  Additionally, newsletters will not be delayed or damaged in the mail.  Members will also receive them in color, which should be more enjoyable.  Further, we can include active hyperlinks in the digital copy, allowing easy access to material on the internet that might be referenced in the newsletter.

Maintaining up-to-date mailing lists has always been a challenging part of producing newsletters.  This will not change with the transition to a digital format, and the transition needs to be a “2-way street” to be successful.  We assure you that we have never shared your mailing address with anyone for any purpose, and we promise to treat your email addresses with the same respect.  A successful transition depends on you providing us accurate and up-to-date email addresses.  You can furnish these by using the “Contact Us” form on our website (click on http://bruleriversportsmensclub.com/contact-us/contact/), the form we send when it’s time to renew your membership, or the membership form used when you join the Club.

Let’s make this transition smooth and successful.  Thanks!