March 28, 2016 Minutes

Brule River Sportsmen’s Club Regular Meeting
March 28, 2016

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors Present: Dennis Pratt, Ken Lundberg, Bill Gobin, Jeff Stollenwerk, Ron Gaare, Paul Helbach, Courtney Johnson, Mick Killoren, Ron Pearson, Dennis Smet, Jim Waletzko, Dean Wellman, and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the February 22 Meeting: The minutes as prepared for the March newsletter were approved following a motion by Mike Zicus and second by Ken Lundberg.

Financial Secretary and Treasurer’s and Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin reported that there were three deposits totaling $2782.00 made in February and March with several new members and membership renewals. The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Ken Lundberg and a second by Mick Killoren. Treasurer Ron Gaare reported that the March beginning balance was $4347.52, bills paid totaled $714.57, deposits totaled $2363.00 and the ending balance was $5995.95. The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and a second by Dennis Smet.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Deferred due to guest speaker.

Legislative: Deferred due to guest speaker.

Scholarship: Applications for the $5000 scholarship are due April 30, 2016.

Education: Dennis Smet reported that he and Dennis Pratt visited the Superior and Northwestern Middle Schools on March 10 & 11 to talk with students about the aquarium project (hatching and development of trout eggs). The discussion and new videos from Pratt were very well received. The 20 gallon aquarium at the Northwestern Middle School has exceeded its useful life and will need to be replaced.

Membership: Deferred due to guest speaker.

Budget: Ron Pearson reported that the Budget Committee completed review of the 2015 financial reports and found no discrepancies in accounting. The Club finished the year in the black by $569.19 which is good performance for a non-profit organization. Ron attributed the good performance primarily to the dues increase and producing one fewer newsletter in 2015. On behalf of the Club, Ron thanked Bill Gobin and Ron Gaare for their countless hours managing the Club’s finances, memberships and on-line store. Ron noted the significant savings that will be achieved once we move to an on-line newsletter. Ken Lundberg stated that he will lead efforts to find a person to manage the email distribution list for the Club.

Web Page: Mike Zicus reported that two new pages have been added to the Club’s web page under the “Habitat” tab – one titled “The Fish” and the other is “Education and Outreach”. Members are encouraged to visit the web page at for these and other updates.

Other Business

Event Evaluation – The Club experienced beneficial participation in the River Falls Fly Fishing Festival and the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in March. Map sales and new memberships were generated at both events and greatly exceeded our expenses for participating. Special thanks to Mike Sierszen, Scott Thorpe and Vic Stark for representing the Club at River Falls Fly Fishing Festival. Special thanks as well to Ken Lundberg, Dean Wellman and Courtney Johnson for representing the Club, and Paul Simon and Vic Stark for set-up at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo.

Rowell Donation – The family of University of Minnesota Professor and former member of the Club’s Board of Directors, John Rowell, is donating his fishing equipment to the Club. The decision was made to accept the equipment and use it at Brule Hatchery’s Family Fun Day events following a motion by Jim Waletzko and a second by Dean Wellman.

Upcoming Events

Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting – April 8 & 9. Ken and Mary Lundberg will represent the Club.

WDNR Conservation Congress Spring Rule Meetings on April 11 – Members are encouraged to check the WDNR web page at, review questions and attend their nearest county meeting prepared to discuss important topics.

A motion by Ken Lundberg and second by Mike Zicus to have a formal Club position of “No” to the question “Do you favor eliminating the “artificial-only” restriction from the regular season trout regulations?” passed unanimously.

Spring Clean-Up Day is April 30

Family Fun Day at the Brule Hatchery is June 4.

Lake Superior Steelhead Association’s Brule River Spey Day is October 8 @McNeil’s Landing

Upcoming Speakers:

Dave Schulz, Superintendent, Brule River State Forest will discuss updating the Brule Forest Master Plan at the April 25 meeting.

The business meeting adjourned at 6:46 PM.

Following the business meeting, guest speakers Terry Margenau, Team Supervisor; Paul Piszczek, Senior Fisheries Biologist; Aaron Nelson, Fisheries Technician; and Kirk Olson, Fisheries Biologist, WDNR presented fisheries data, habitat projects, and regulation updates.

Recorded by Jeff Stollenwerk