June 27, 2016 Minutes

Brule River Sportsmen’s Club Regular Meeting

President Dennis Pratt called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at Round-Up North in Brule.

Officers and Directors Present: Dennis Pratt, Bill Gobin, Ron Gaare, Paul Helbach, Dennis Smet, Dean Wellman, Courtney Johnson, Jim Waletzko, Mick Killoren, Ron Pearson, and Mike Zicus.

Minutes of the May 23rd Meeting: The minutes as written in the May newsletter were approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and second by Jim Waletzko.  Ron Pearson thanked everyone who helped with the Family Fun Day.

Financial Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports: Financial Secretary Bill Gobin reported that June deposits totaled $712 and included one new member and four membership renewals plus donations to four of our funds and receipts from the sale of 25 lower river maps.  The Financial Secretary’s Report was approved following a motion by Ron Gaare and a second by Courtney Johnson.  Treasurer Ron Gaare reported that the June beginning balance was $3,680.22, bills paid totaled $372.50, and deposits totaled $712.00 giving an ending balance of $4,019.72.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved following a motion by Bill Gobin and a second by Paul Helbach.

Committee Reports

Habitat: Dennis Pratt reported that he checked the Beaupre project and it’s still beaver free.  Paul Piszczek, WDNR Senior Fisheries Biologist, has set work dates of July 23 and 30 for this year’s habitat project. This year’s project will include installation of log structures south of Hwy. B.  Volunteers should meet at the Winneboujou parking lot at 9 a.m. with their lunch and waders.  The Club will provide something to drink.  Volunteers will need to sign a DNR volunteer agreement form.

Legislative: No report.

Scholarship: Paul Helbach reported that the committee had a recommendation.  Although we received only three applications, two applicants were very well qualified.  The committee recommended that Trevor Keyler, a first year PhD candidate at UMD, receive the scholarship.  Dennis Pratt moved to accept the recommendation with a second by Bill Gobin.  Motion passed.

Education: Nothing new to report.  Will need a new aquarium before fall.

Membership: Nothing new to report.

Budget: Nothing new to report.

Website: Nothing new to report.

Newsletter:  Dennis Pratt visited the printer to discuss the poor print quality of the photos in our last newsletter.  They agreed the quality was bad and we were not billed for that newsletter.  Photo quality in our June newsletter some of the best ever.

New Business

 New Treasurer / Recording Secretary.  Jeff Stollenwerk has accepted the Treasurer’s position and is transitioning from Ron.  Discussion followed regarding the need to have a second officer with check signing ability.  Dennis Smet moved that Bill Gobin have the privilege, Jim Waletzko seconded the motion, and the motion passed.  Still need to find someone to serve as Recording Secretary.  Excellent opportunity to become involved.

Family Fun Day at the Brule River State Hatchery.  Bill Gobin reported that there was a pretty good turnout despite the rain with ~150 people registering.  A total of 33 volunteers help, including 13 Club members.

Ron Gaare acknowledgment.  Dennis Pratt presented Ron with citation acknowledging his 13 years as Treasurer.

Challenge Center canoe trip.  Ron Pearson has scheduled the event for August 6th (with the 20th as a back-up).  More details to come.  Anyone able to volunteer, please call Ron at (715)398-5822.

Fisherman etiquette.  In the past, the Club has published a list of etiquette points in the newsletter.  Board decided that republishing this would be a good reminder to continue to assure that all fishing the river have an enjoyable experience.  Need to find the list in our past newsletters.

Acknowledgments.  Board will discuss how to best acknowledge donations to the Club at the July meeting.

Old Business

Club Hats.  Dean Wellman reported that estimates are around $2,400 for 200 good quality hats.  We will discuss how to cover this initial expense at the July meeting.

Enlarged Lower River map.  We now have them.  Superior Fly Angler has one in their store.  Need to confirm our pricing so the map can be sold through the website.

John Rowell Family Donation.  Dennis Pratt described the items and had them at the meeting for the board to review.  We need to decide how to best repurpose them.

The business meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.     Recorded by Mike Zicus.

Paul Piszczek described some aspects of the sampling to be done during the upcoming creel census on the lower river.  Will use some kind of recording equipment to get an estimate of total effort.  Wondering if trail cameras will be too intrusive.  They’ve been used successfully in other states.

Correction to last month’s minutes: Under the Treasurer’s Report, the beginning balance read for September and should have been for May.